E-commerce and E-business

Introduction to E-Commerce & Technology Infrastructure

Business models, Revenue models and business processes, Opportunities- nature of ecommerce, Internet protocols, Internet2 and semantic web.

E-Commerce to E-Business and Spotting Business Trends

Flexible business design, Definition of value, E-Business Communities, Customization and integration, E-Business.


Business engineering customer relationship management.

Digitizing the Business and Thinking E-Business Design

E-channel pattern, E-portal pattern, E-market maker pattern, Self diagnosis.

Building the E-Business Backbone


Business Process Model

Customer centric business, Pre order, Point of order and post order customer support.

Environment of E-Commerce

Legal, Ethical and Tax Issues Legal environment, Use and protection, Online crime, Terrorism and warfare, Ethical issue.

Selling on the Web, Revenue Models and Building a Web Presence

Revenue model, Revenue strategy issues, Usability.

Marketing on the Web

Web marketing strategy, Communication, Segmentation, Advertisement, E-mail marketing.

Business to Business Strategy from Electronic Data Interchange to E-Commerce

Purchasing, Logistics and support activities, Electronic data interchange, EDI, on internet.

Online Auctions, Virtual Communities and Web Portals

Auction overview, Online auctions, Virtual communities and web portals.

E-Commerce Softwares and Payment Systems

Web hosting alternatives, Basic and advance functions of e-commerce softwares, Software for small, Mid size and large businesses, Online payment basic, Payment cards, Electronic cash, Electronic wallets, Stored value cards, Internet technologies and banking.