Advanca JAVA

Introduction To Swing, MVC Architecture, Applets, Applications and Pluggable Look and Feel, Basic swing components : Text Fields, Buttons, Toggle Buttons, Checkboxes, and Radio Buttons

Java database Programming, java.sql Package, JDBC driver types, java beans

Network Programming With Package, Client Programs And Server Programs, Content And Protocol Handlers

RMI architecture, RMI registry, Writing distributed application with RMI, Naming services, Naming And Directory Services, Overview of JNDI, Object serialization and Internationalization

J2EE architecture, Enterprise application concepts, n-tier application concepts, J2EE platform, HTTP protocol, web application, Web containers and Application servers

Server side programming with Java Servlet, HTTP and Servlet, Servlet API, life cycle, configuration and context, Request and Response objects, Session handling and event handling, Introduction to filters with writing simple filter application

JSP architecture, JSP page life cycle, JSP elements, Expression Language, Tag Extensions, Tag Extension API, Tag handlers, JSP Fragments, Tag Files, JSTL, Core Tag library, overview of XML Tag library, SQL Tag library and Functions Tag library

Introduction to Hibernate, Hibernate Architecture, O/R Mapping in Hibernate