Operating System and Design


What is an OS?, Evolution Of OS, OS Services, Types Of OS, Concepts of OS, Different Views Of OS, Concepts of OS

Process Management

Process, Process Control Block, Process States, Threads, Types of Threads, Multithreading.

Interprocess Communication

Race Conditions, Critical Section, Mutual Exclusion, Hardware Solution, Strict Alternation , Peterson’s Solution, The Producer Consumer Problem, Semaphores, Event Counters, Monitors, Message Passing, Classical IPC Problems: Reader’s & Writer Problem, Dinning Philosopher Problem etc., Scheduling , Scheduling Algorithms.


Deadlock Problem, Deadlock Characterization, Deadlock Detection,Deadlock recovery, Deadlock avoidance: Banker’s algorithm for single & multiple resources, Deadlock Prevention.

Memory Management

Paging: Principle Of Operation, Page Allocation, H/W Support For Paging, Multiprogramming With Fixed partitions, Segmentation, Swapping, Virtual Memory: Concept, Performance Of Demand Paging, Page Replacement Algorithms, Thrashing, Locality.

Input Output Management Principles Of Input/Output H/W

I/O Devices, Device Controllers, Direct Memory Access, Principles OfInput/Output S/W : Goals Of The I/O S/W, Interrupt Handler, Device Driver, Device Independent I/O Software Disks : RAID levels, Disks Arm Scheduling Algorithm, Error Handling

File Systems Files

File Naming, File Structure, File Types, File Access, File Attributes, File Operations, Memory Mapped Files, Directories : Hierarchical Directory System, Pathnames, Directory Operations, File System Implementation,

Implementing Files

Contiguous Allocation, Linked List Allocation, Linked List Using Index, Inodes, Implementing Directories In C, MS-DOS, UNIX. Shared Files, Disk Space Mgmt, File System Reliability, File System Performance


Security Environment, Design Principles Of Security, User Authentication, Protection Mechanism : Protection Domain, Access Control List

Case Study

Unix, Linux, Windows 2000.

Unix/Linux Operating System

Development Of Unix/Linux, Role Of Kernel & Function Of Kernel, System Calls, Elementary Shell Programming, Directory Structure, System Administration

Introduction To Multiprocessor And Distributed Operating System

Introduction To Multiprocessor And Distributed Operating System